What Makes a Viral Video

Viral Videos in 2022

Video is one of the most important and effective mediums of communication known to modern man. The rise of the internet has made it even more powerful, as video content can be shared with thousands and even millions of people at the click of a button. For companies hoping to spread awareness of their brands and services, videos can be a particularly useful ally. But what does it take to make a “viral video”? Although viral videos vary greatly as to the subject matter, they all share a few core characteristics that you should keep in mind when designing your own marketing videos.

They Are Short

The attention span of internet users is not very long. Web browsing favours jumping around from one page to the next and skimming through content rather than reading and absorbing it fully. The same goes for videos. People are much more likely to watch a one or two-minute video rather than a ten-minute one, even if very informative. This is clear on the TikTok platform where video length is limited to 2 minutes. Viral videos are by their nature short and to the point, having thus immediate appeal to the instant gratification mechanisms of the masses.

They Provide an Emotional Punch

People connect most readily and most intuitively to emotional content. Anything which rouses the emotions will make an impression, so use this to your advantage. If you’re making an advert, try adding a funny spin or a heartfelt undertone (depending on the message) and it will register more easily with your audience.

What Makes a Viral Video?

They Are Universal

Viral videos often portray themes that everyone can understand and appreciate, giving them universal appeal. They won’t contain content that only small groups with insider knowledge will find funny or relevant, but instantly connect to themes that we all know and share on account of our humanity. This is why videos portraying children or dogs doing silly things often go viral; everyone in the world can empathise and enjoy them.

They Call to Action

Viral videos compel viewers to actions, whether the simple sharing of the video itself or more complex ones, such as calling up for goods and services. Sometimes it’s more effective for the call not to be direct, as that might put off viewers who don’t want to be told what to do. But a subtle encouragement can really go a long way! VerdigrisTV, a leading video marketing agency in London, can help you with ll your video production needs, so feel free to contact us today!



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