Video Marketing

Online video marketing is the perfect way to enhance your marketing strategy in London. Online marketing in itself is a must in today’s digital world. But video takes it to the next level. Statistics consistently show that by adding video to your online marketing campaign you can greatly increase engagement. In fact, 90% of consumers indicate product videos directly influence purchase decisions. And did you know that 95% of consumers retain information communicated via video while only 10% retain information through reading.? These are just a couple ways video marketing for your London business by VerdigrisTV can increase your sales. A video marketing campaign by VerdigrisTV will drive traffic to your London business. It’s that simple. Platforms such as YouTube, Snapchat, Vine, Facebook and Instagram are perfect venues for your video marketing campaign in London. It’s where your potential customers are.

Social media platforms have become ever more prevalent and accessible, and provide massive opportunities for video marketing and presentation. These online platforms allow audiences to share experiences and businesses to inspire and appeal to their audiences. Secondly, and again statistically speaking, 92% of videos viewed via mobile are shared. You need a video production company in London you can count on for professional engaging videos. VerdigrisTV has the expert videographers in London to get the job done. Our London filmmakers will put together a video marketing campaign for your brand or business that can be used on YouTube or other online platforms. We film in HD and 4K and are skilled experts in final cut pro. If you have a business in Hoxton or Old Street, give us a call now.

The online market is highly competitive. If you have a business in Soho, Shoreditch or even North London, you need a video campaign. You want to engage potential customers in your area. An expert video marketing campaign by the London filmmakers at VerdigrisTV can make that happen. Businesses using video content benefit from a 41% increase in traffic through web searches compared to companies who don’t. That’s just a fact. Also, when it comes to ROI, 51.9% of marketing experts agree that video offers the best return on investment. Verdigris TV can help your business tap into this world of content marketing using powerful videos. Not only can we help you create compelling videos that fit with your marketing strategy, we can help promote your brand. Video turns potential buyers into loyal customers.