Testimonials, perhaps the most recent currency used to tip potential customers over into the basket (paying customer lot). Anyone should relate to a testimonial given by someone as proof that the product or service you need actually works. They even get the most attention on social media platforms.


Interview videos done with willing customers in order to let the rest of the market know that you do a great job. These are gold when hunting for new clients. Who better to partner with on this video marketing quest that the complete video production services provider in London? VerdigrisTV will provide a service you will harvest leads from for years to come. 


testimonials filming

Who Will Do The Video Testimonials?

You can choose from among your most loyal of clients. This way, you stay honest to your mission statement (the default one about trust). People that have bought from you and are willing to share their experiences to the rest of the world. Our team of experienced videographers will handle the rest.


Just as we treat other corporate videos and promotional video content, a lot of post shooting action will be invested. This means we don't hold back. Knowing how much marketing overhead expenses can be saved from a single well executed testimonial video, we want every one of them to be spot on. 

Our team will sculpt the script until it resonates with the intention of your videos. Allowing for the truth to be said in a way we have discovered to attract and intrigue more attention towards your business. Where needed, a complete cast, the location, and even a dedicated director will be assigned to your testimonial video project.

Other Video Marketing Services in Central London

Is your business operating predominantly in and around Central London, well you're in luck. We are strategically positioned to turn the daily experiences and places your customers go through into visual marketing material. Working with us will improve your company's status and make lasting client relationships that eventually spread beyond the limits of London

Get in Touch For The Best Video Testimonials (interviews)

We can increase the impact your marketing efforts have using our experience. Creating and marketing videos using YouTube and (or) Vimeo campaigns. Give us a call on 02032866127, or simply send an email through info@verdigristv.co.uk for more information and price quotations. 

With video, your company stops being a string of letters. Everything comes alive. 



Verdigris TV is a boutique video marketing agency offering affordable video production and video marketing services in London. We are here for all your video needs!