Post Production Turns Raw Footage Into Eye Catching Video Content

Post Production can be the difference between a blurred, bad sounding, and shaky video versus a movie perfect clip. VerdigrisTV is a post production company who knows how to create the perfect videos from start to finish. We leave no dial untouched in the pursuit of video quality excellence, whether it be a video testimonial for your social media or a product promotional content video for your website. Video post production is the final phase, once a movie director says “That’s a wrap”, the cameras stop rolling and it becomes time to take raw footage and piece it together with after effects, visual effects, special fx and colour correction. This is when a video truly comes together into one cohesive story rather than a variety of individual shots, your ideas and goals set in the script turns into something from real life. Videos have become such an important part of our digital world because research has shown that our brains process visuals much quicker than text and 90% of information transmitted to your brain is visual. So, whether you’re offering a service or selling a product, creating a video is your best advertising tool and with the right post production agency, you are on the right road to attracting customers.

Post Production Brings Perfection To Your Videos

Post production consists of a few very important steps and all these steps are vital to obtaining the final result after a script has been written. Let’s go briefly over these steps that a post production agency follows. Editing the content is the first step, essentially the editor reads the original script and cuts together the shots to create the story. The second step involves sound editing and adding music, and this can include editing out background noise as well as adding a soundtrack to match the story. Next, artists and engineers are able to add after effects, visual effects and special fx that aren’t always achievable during filming like aging an actor or creating an explosion. The fourth step is sound mixing, and this is separate from sound editing, this process involves adjusting audio levels to ensure dialogue can be heard over background music and that certain actions are not too loud. The fifth and final step is colour correction, this is where a colour editor goes through the video frame by frame and adjusts the colour for mood and consistency to align with the filmmaker’s vision. 

Post Production London Is Going Viral In This Digital Age

Post production London is on the map and going viral. This new digital age of business brings along the need to stay ahead of the rest by using video marketing as a vital tool in advertising. When done properly by a post production house, a video has a high chance of going viral these days. Every smartphone, laptop and even Smart TV is hungry for high quality video content that keeps viewers glued and wanting to see more. Video post production is the difference between 10 views and 10 000 views, everything from after effects, visual effects and special fx to colour correction to draw people in. A story is being told in every video and you want people to watch and listen. VerdigrisTV, post production company based in London, has a dedicated team of professionals ready to make magic. We film in HD and 4K and use only the best software and equipment to obtain the perfect end result. So, if you’re looking to team up with a post production agency then give us a shout today and let us help your company succeed in going viral. As you can see, post-production is an incredibly important aspect of filmmaking and our VerdigrisTV post production house can turn your vision into video greatness.


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