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Video after effects, as the name suggests, starts as the next step when the shooting ends. At this service level of the umbrella video post-production offering, a lot of creative input is invested to a draft. You may have recorded a client-educating video for your products, this is a service that makes your work better. More like perfect.

When you see videos that edge close to action science fiction movies, think after effects. Depending on your target market, it may be a prerequisite to use after effects. This way, you will capture their attention for longer. Sending the full message even among other images on timelines such as their tweet streams or Instagram timelines.

video after effects

Who Needs After Effects in Video Marketing

The short answer is, well... almost everyone. The degree of after effects vary depending on the intended final video. For perspective, consider how different amounts of after effect effort went into the avengers movie advertisements and the regular clothes shop ads. One requires a green background to superimpose locations and other CGI elements. Meanwhile the clothes advertisement needs little more than transitions and text overlay to let you know how much each item costs.

In the same thinking, your work definitely requires that some after effects be applied before publishing. This is true for both cases; uploading a testimonial video (for example) on your business website, and pushing a video to an ad-set on your social media page.

Video After Effects in Central London.

Regardless of the age of your perfect social media client avatar, if you're looking to gain some attention in London, you must use after effects. We have seen explosive results from videos perfectly polished and enhanced with after effects. Across the spectrum, promotional videos, testimonials, and advertisements, the results are consistent. 


Imagine scrolling through your Instagram (any social media really) timeline, and a lot of videos are looking for airplay. Companies that are close to you (London), that would have invested in after effects that capture even ten seconds of your glare will have more views. In comparison to those posted raw - may be taken from a high-resolution smartphone, will drown among the perfect one. Which would you rather be?


There is no need for you to struggle for views and better click-through-rates when all it takes is a better quality video. It is not a secret, and we can help you achieve it. Give us a call on 02032866127 for a quick conversation about after-effects and other post-production works that will improve your marketing videos' performance. You can also contact us by sending an email at and we will be sure to connect with you at the earliest.



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