Video Concept

We specialise in creating unique and beautifully realized video concepts for clients. We excel in helping you bring your visions to life. We here at VerdigrisTV ensure that your videos resonate with your potential clients or customers. Our team of freelance videographers respect the importance of originality and revel in making memorable and refreshing video concepts.

Video Marketing

Businesses that use video content within their marketing campaigns have benefited from a 41% increase in their online traffic through web searches compared to companies who don’t. That’s just a fact, Additionally, when it comes to ROI, 51.9% of marketing experts agree that having regular video content offers the best return on investment. Verdigris TV can help your business tap into this world of content marketing using powerful videos made to your specific needs. 

Promotional Video

Promotional videos can be used not just on the internet, but can be taken and displayed at exhibitions and within presentations. Product promotion or promoting your business can take a lot of time, money and legwork. By keeping your promotional videos straight-to-the-point yet visually powerful, you will have a marketing tool that will take some of the hard work away and can ease the tension when promoting your brand.

Corporate Video

Using corporate videos can give your growing team excellent product overviews, you need to know your products or services inside and out and what better way than a video. From Proof of Concepts to Orientations to Training videos, you know what you need.

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We take the time to understand each of our clients individual goals and requirements, so that each project achieves the client’s core objectives.



We undertake detailed and efficient planning for each project in order to ensure smooth execution, timely completion and complete client satisfaction.



Verdigris TV manages the complete filming and editing process, from concept through to editing, in order to produce high quality videos.



Our professional editing team ensures that our clients and their target consumers are presented with polished, engaging and effective videos.



We publish our clients’ videos on any online platform that they require, including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. and also provide clients with 24/7 online support.